I am.. Your Pet Photographer

Hellow! Howdy Yo!

Pet by definition is

any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept as a companion and cared for affectionately.

However, pet also referred as

a person especially cherished or indulged; a favorite

[thats why boys can make perfect pets sometimes] because basically, pet is

a thing particularly cherished.

photo by PaMan Andre – Agats, Asmat, Papua, 2010

As an animal lover, and once a mummy for three bunnies, I’m offering you my service, as : Your Pet Photographer. Where we’ll make sure, that you and your pet is Wonderfully Photographed, Beautifully Designed, and Creatively Printed! 

Years of experience as a photojournalist (, I get the chance to see pets in certain parts of unusual places, and sometimes, they can be animals which you’d least want to keep as pets. But since they are particularly cherished by the owner, they are no doubt, loved pets for some.

Go have a look at this blog, where I kept notes as a mummy bunny in mummy bunny diary, share tips, showing you animals which can be found in my unusual home in mi casa es su casa, indulge you with archive photos i have in photo gallery of pets, photo gallery of animals, and photo gallery of clients.
They are posted as one post in each page for your convenience. So make sure you check older posts in each category to see interesting pix and read informative facts and tips on animal caring.

Once you are sure to have me as Your Pet Photographer, why not call (+6281310114923) or drop an email (

Looking forward to work on a photo session with you and your lovely pets! 🙂
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Snob Beauty


Cats can be such a snob..


..and an obvious beauty, all at once!

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Ck Ck

Ck Ck

Friend of mine has a bunny that kept in such a dark small space, and treat it more like a cat. Feed the brown bunny with whatever leftovers available.
Now, am not saying they’re bad people. They’re extremely nice. She’s even my best friend since I was 5. But I think the bunny needs a much proper place to live.
And I take a step to finally take him and try to not think of the possibility for having another pet die in my hands. Literally. I didnt kill them, I just hold them when they’re dying. And annoy my mom for crying waaaayyy tooo dramatic.
So, bismillah, and we set him a nice bunny house where we can easily feed and play with him. And I named him ck ck.
Can you make the right sound? ;p


Launch @ petcareday 2012

After months of hassle, we managed to prepare what is necessary in making our dreams come true.

The products, the catalogue, the name card, and just about everything, to announce the existence of Bismillah, we are ready.

We choose Pet Care Day event on November 18th, 2012 that took place in Bogor for launching our service, fun pet photography and more! The rain kinda stopped us that day, with the booth almost collapsed because of the heavy rain, plus we needed to wrapped up everything since we cant get anything wet (cameras, studio lights, shirts, bags and all). But then, we had a great three hours well spent!

Hope you enjoyed it as we were!

Much love, eka, melly and friends.. Your Pet Photographer.


Spay Cats with Steril Yuk-Team

Met these nice ladies through facebook, and they are kindly enough to let me come over and over again to see the process of spaying cats — or commonly known here as Cats Sterilization.

They started this program few years back, over love and fondness of cats. Not just pretty cats, but also the wrecked ones, and especially the ones abandoned. They aware that most “kucing kampung” scattered all over places, because of those irresponsible owners, or the lack of affection to those meow-ing creatures.

Every now and then, they’ll have this sterilization program for cats with very low cost, with some caring Vets cooperation that share the same fondness and care. I’ve only been following the ones in Meruya, Jakarta Barat at one of the cat-lady’s residence. Cant wait to go to the ones in Pondok Gede.

Recently, they even upgraded the service by providing a vet who gave some tips and consultation session with the cat owners. Though that dont happen all the time, it’s worth to do some date checking every now and then, by being their friend on Facebook :

Here’s some of the pictures I took during several spaying and vet consult sessions.

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For more information about Spaying Cats or Sterilisasi Kucing, you can check these links ; (none of which affiliated with me, nor Steril Yuk! team, yet I found the info there, really useful)


Chasey the Mini Shih-tzu : an After Shave

As promised, a sort of “before and after” – shoot.

Go have a look at Chasey last month :

A very hairy girl.. I mean, talk about bad hair day, man!

And see her recent pic, after hours in pet-salon!! (by the time she’s done, she was clean, happy and fresh. while me who shoot her for a whole day, smelled like a dog even after I took my own bath. sighed..)


Beauty is Pain, Even for a Shih-tzu

Remember Chasey? I took pix of her last month. She was a mess back then. Until her parents decided to give her a trim.. errr.. shave, more likely.

I believe thats what she need most. And she look more fresh and pretty with her new hair cut.

Although.. her journey to beauty, wasnt exactly easy nor pleasant. Dont watch if you cant take it.

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Laughing Brothers – Louie and Cino

I have to do the unthinkable to make them stopped barking as I arrive at their front step. Louie was actually so eager to attack me –the stranger, while Cino was ready to do exactly what his brother would do.

Took me a while to get them relaxed, and as I browsed through the pictures, I felt as if they were laughing at me. Anyhow, hope Jenjen love these pix and know that they missed her too as much as she miss them. 🙂

took me a while to get him to relax

then Louie starts to give a big smile

did he just stick his tongue out at me? in tagalog, pinoy call this belat.

yes.. i think he just starting to laugh at me..

serious conversation one minute..

and this, the next minute!

awww.. it's a rare scene, i heard.. but this is prove how loving brothers they are

once Louie relaxed, Cino starts to enjoy having fun in front of the camera

but a nap time, is still a nap time. if he's doing Yoga, then it's his dead pose.


Big thanks to Jennifer Lie and Tante Mawar for the opportunity to have a photo session with these two naughty boys. They are gonna be printed in some of our first batch products. Stay tune on that, in the following weeks!